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PSN Network Remains Down For A Fourth Day

I do not own a PS3, and so generally I do not follow too much news on the system; every now and again a great PS3 exclusive like Little Big Planet or Uncharted will pique my interest, but usually I tend to focus on news within the world of the Xbox 360. However, over the last few days the news of problems with the PSN network has been too widespread for me to ignore.

From what I can gather, something or someone external to the system has caused the PSN Network to crash, meaning that millions of PS3 owners have been unable to get online for four days and use the many features that the PS3 offers, such as television and film streaming. This is after Sony claimed that the system was undergoing maintenance. The head of communications for Playstation, Patrick Seybold, has recently said that the problem is ‘much more severe’ that initially thought, and that ‘we are working around the clock to bring it back online’. The group of hackers, Anonymous (who have a beef with Sony), have not claimed responsibility for the problems with the network.

I know that several of my friends have a PS3 because of the attraction to what the PSN Network offers: allowing gamers to play online for free, stream the BBC IPlayer and LoveFilm, and download classics from the PSOne store amongst them. The problems with the network must feel like a kick in the balls to them as a result, especially considering a few of them are itching to go online with Portal 2 and try out the co-op mode. It’s not the first time that the PSN Network has gone down as well, and it makes me wonder as someone external to the PS3 community as to how stable a service it is, considering that Xbox Live is for the most part bullet-proof. I also find it ironic that this week Microsoft have offered a free gold upgrade to all its members for a week to experience what their service offers. Sabotage on Microsoft’s behalf perhaps?

Overall, it’s a shame to see PS3 owners suffer from something that is beyond their control, and for their sake I would like to see the PSN Network back up to normal soon. In the meantime, I think I’ll just pop onto Live for an hour or two

Classic Sonic Returns, Gears 3 Beta Is Opened, And Portal 2 Gets Its Release

Now that the summer is here, the gaming world is really starting to pick up the pace; in the last day or two we have heard a big announcement from Sega about their next project, a beta opened for what will be one of the more popular titles of the year, the release of the first ‘AAA’ game of the year, and more rumours about Nintendo’s new console…

So then, lets start off by looking at Sega. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, they have announced a new title, to be called Sonic Generations: and the major selling point is that CLASSIC SONIC IS BACK!!! Yep, pot belly, button nose and everything. The main plot of the story is that an unnamed villain has opened up rifts in time or something stupid, meaning that Classic Sonic and New Sonic have to team up to defeat him. What is interesting is the gameplay that has been revealed; the game will feature old school 2D offerings for Classic Sonic with a basic moveset (directions, jumping and spin dashing), while offering 3D inventions of the same stages for new Sonic to combo and dash through. All the stages will be taken straight from Sonics 20 year history, with the only one revealed at the moment being the iconic Green Hill Zone. The trailer for the game looks brilliant; Classic Sonics 2D run through the graphically improved zone looks much more…well, classic, than it did in the poorly received Sonic 4 Episode 1, and New Sonics breakneck speed run through a 3D environment will no doubt please modern fans of the series. No word has been given yet on whether other characters from the series, such as Tails, Knuckles and Shadow, will receive a similar treatment. Continue reading Classic Sonic Returns, Gears 3 Beta Is Opened, And Portal 2 Gets Its Release

Nintendo Announce New Console To Replace The Wii

Rumours are plentiful in the games industry, but every now and again a rumour will come up that has so much momentum attached to it that it cannot possibly be ignored. In the last few days, rumours of Nintendo announcing a new console at E3, possibly a new iteration of the Wii, have been spreading like wildfire (also with the recent announcement that the Wii may be getting a significant price drop come May 15th, it implies that Nintendo are looking to move on).

It has been dominant this generation - Will Nintendo really throw away all gimmicks?

Details are sketchy at the moment to say the least, but sources close to Game Informer and IGN have given differing reports, claiming that the console will be capable of running games in HD, and that it will be ‘significantly more powerful than the Playstation3’, while also offering backwards compatibility. It also seems to be the case that Nintendo is already giving details of the new console to third party producers, so they know what they can do this time around (when the Wii was announced in 2005, it came as a shock to everyone). The bottom line from all of this is that Nintendo is looking to break away from the casual market, and try to regroup the ‘hardcore’ market that Microsoft has dominated with the Xbox 360 over the past few years. Continue reading Nintendo Announce New Console To Replace The Wii

Capcom Go Crazy, A Handheld SNES, First FIFA 12 Details And Deals Galore On Xbox Live

Over the last few days, the internet has been pummelled with some excellent news on all sorts of stuff within the gaming industry. In the post I hope to give as good an overview of every possible that has caught my eye.

First of all then, Capcom. I really quite like them; there is little doubt of the quality of their franchises over the years (Resident Evil, Mega Man, Street Fighter etc.). This week they announced to the media the progress of several of their titles, including more details on the eagerly anticipated Street Fighter X Tekken (a crossover game based to be made by Capcom, whereas Namco will make Tekken X Street Fighter). Now this was announced almost a year ago, and it looked absolutely epic. Now, Capcom have given details on the roster to date (10 characters confirmed, including Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Guile from Street Fighter, and Kazuya, Nina, Bob and King from Tekken), and included some trailers and gameplay videos, which frankly look absolutely gorgeous with the stylised visuals we have gotten used to with Street Fighter. I preferred Street Fighter 4 to Tekken 6, and I personally think that Capcom’s effort will crush Namco’s interpretation of the game when it comes to sales.

Guile's theme goes with King apparently

Continue reading Capcom Go Crazy, A Handheld SNES, First FIFA 12 Details And Deals Galore On Xbox Live