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A collection of some of my favourite Video Game Music. For the full list, please click on the link in the menu on the left under ‘Best VGM’

Best VGM 6 – Final Fantasy X – Besaid Island

The first of what will no doubt be many entries onto this list from the Final Fantasy franchise

Dazcooke51 Presents…The Best Video Game Music Ever

G’day everyone. Firat of all, thank you for your continued support of my blogging activities – I’ve recently gained a few more subscribers (hope I’m keeping you all entertained), and have had a guest writer to help me out. Today I am starting off something that I should have done ages ago – a simple side project that will collect together some of the greatest pieces of video game music ever made.

As the years have gone by, I have found myself increasingly listening to video game music over any other musical genre, and I simply wish to share some of the tracks that I enjoy listening to. This project does not aim to rank songs in any particular order; rather songs will come up as I remember them. I am aware that I tend to highlight a few songs in my reviews, so if there is repitition of music then I apologise.

If all goes well, I aim to show off at least one bit of music per day. I hope you enjoy my picks – and don’t worry, I will continue to produce reviews and news as well.


P.S The real inspiration for this idea comes from SupraDarky, a Youtube user who has his own VGM list which has recently gone over the 1000 song mark. If this list can be even slightly near the quality of his, I will consider this project a great success