Hey there! My name is Darren, and if you’re reading this then you have stumbled across my blog – it’s a pleasure to have you reading my work. I’m 24 years old and currently based in Lincoln, England. In my spare time I use this blog to practice only the very finest in amateur video game journalism.

It's-a-me, Darren!  Kindly drawn by the very talented Jade Sarson in 2010

It’s-a-me, Darren! (Artist’s impression)
Kindly drawn by the very talented Jade Sarson in 2010


  • (MA) Historical Studies from the University Of Lincoln (2013)
  • (BA) History with Upper Second Class Honours from the University Of Lincoln (2012)
  • Radio Show Host on Siren 107.3 FM; ‘Darren Cooke On Saturday Afternoon’ and former co-host of ‘Connected’ (35 episodes)
  • Former President & Vice President of the University Of Lincoln Gaming Society (2011-2012)
  • Once played Rock Band 2 for seven hours straight to unlock an achievement for a mate


The purpose of this blog is to give my insight into the world of video games; a medium of entertainment that has been a large part of my life thus far and continues to hold my attention. I write reviews, news articles & lists, and have also been updating the site on a regular basis with a collection of some of the finest video game music ever made.

My first foray into the gaming world was quite late in comparison to many people; I hadn’t really taken an interest into video games until about October 1996, when I saw a lump of shiny grey plastic and metal called a ‘PlayStation’ in a shop window. Of course being a kid near to the Christmas period, I badgered my parents into possibly getting one for me – mainly because it looked cool. And lo and behold, on Christmas Day I had my first games console, along with my first two games: Crash Bandicoot and Bubsy 3D. After some complicated setting up, I got straight into Crash and from thereon in I’ve never looked back.

In retrospect, my gaming history has been quite narrow. I’ve only ever bought four consoles brand new and have tended to keep playing them right to the end of their lifespan (mostly to wait until the other consoles had dropped a bit in price); my Playstation lasted me until 2004 when I received a PS2 for Christmas, and in late 2008 I made the jump away from Sony to Microsoft’s Xbox 360; as of 2014 I’ve rejoined the old crowd by buying a PS4. I also own a Game Boy Colour from way back in the day, have recently been given an N64 and GameCube by generous friends, have invested in and built a PC capable of playing games for more than five minutes without overheating, and have had plenty of exposure to the PS3 via group playthroughs of games with mates

My favorite genre for a few years now has been RPG’s, and I take an active interest in racing games, sports titles, adventure games, platformers and first person shooters. In general I’m happy to play most games, from the exceptional to even the most terrible.

All of my game reviews are based on personal experience – as a result my word on these matters is obviously not final. It’s good practice to  consider other reviews to get a general feel of a game if you are looking to try them out

I hope you enjoy my blog, and any feedback will be appreciated

P.S If you find that any links are broken in the articles (which as time passes is only inevitable as people close accounts and the internet forgets itself), please leave a comment on the article in question and I’ll do my best to repair the links. Most images are stored in my media archive so they should last the test of time.


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