Headline Of The Week

Having skipped GamesCom 2015, Sony have outlined their planned conference for Paris Games Week.

The conference will be held at 5pm on Tuesday 27th October, and will mark the first big media showing from the Japanese giant since the headline announcements it unveiled at E3 earlier this year. It is unlikely that Sony will focus too much on the likes of The Last Guardian or the remake of Final Fantasy VII, but one would expect outings for No Man’s Sky, some of the games announced at last year’s GamesCom presentation included Rime & Wild, and maybe an update on the likes of The Witness.

Sony will also be doing its annual presentation at the Toyko Games Show halfway through September; where if I’m lucky they’ll be able to get Persona 5 shoehorned in for the end of the year.

In Other News

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is already shaping up to be a pretty sweet deal for all those Xbox 360 owners who missed out on the excellent action adventures first time around (myself included), but as revealed on the PlayStation Blog the upcoming collection will feature additions that might tempt previous players into dipping back into the games as well.

In addition to a Photo Mode (which similar to The Last Of Us: Remastered will allow users to pause the gameplay at any time to take some artistic shots), two new difficulties are being added – Explorer Mode for those who just want to experience the story, and Brutal Difficulty Mode for those who want to rip their hair out. A separate Speed Run mode is also being added, complete with an in-game timer to motivate you into getting past that tank battle in Nepal just a little bit quicker. The game is due for release in the UK on 9th October.

The iOS version of Final Fantasy VII has been released on the App Store in the UK. Costing £11.99, it is a port based on the PC version of the legendary RPG (commonly regarded to be worse than its PS1 counterpart) and while there are no additions to story, a virtual controller has been implemented to prevent the game being obscured too much. Oddly, it will also include the option to completely turn off random battles, as well as a cheat button to enable max stats.

In related news, the Final Fantasy Portal application has also been released on the App Store and Google Play – of note, it includes a free download of the original Final Fantasy (so long as you download it before 1st September) as well as a playable version of the popular Final Fantasy VIII minigame Triple Triad.

The Japan only arcade fighter Pokken Tournament (which is essentially Tekken with Pokemon characters) is to be launched worldwide in Spring 2016 for the Wii U. Initial footage of the game has been promising, playing out like a evolved version of N64 classic Pokemon Stadium, and the confirmation of a worldwide release is good news for those who can’t get a plane ticket to Japan.

Around 35 minutes of gameplay footage was shown off at the recent Pokemon World Championships, and a new trailer was also released to whet your appetite:

The video game music concert, Video Games Live, is set to return to the UK early next year. Featuring orchestral performances of music from a wide range of games including Halo, Journey and The Legend Of Zelda, there will be a performance at the Manchester Albert Hall on 19th March 2016, with a matinee and evening performance at the O2 Arena in London the following day. Tickets prices are anywhere between £33 and £110, which I reckon is pretty good value for what is a well acclaimed show.

And Finally

Have you ever fancied re-enacting the late 80s with a music player sporting custom engravings from Metal Gear Solid V? WELL NOW YOU CAN!

Well, they certainly seem to have gotten smaller since the 80s. No cassette tapes on show here
Well, they certainly seem to have gotten smaller since the 80s. No cassette tapes on show here

Available in Japan only, Sony have unveiled a selection of smartphones and tablets which feature branding from Kojima’s upcoming masterpiece (if early reviews are anything to go by at least) – top of the billing is a 128GB Walkman featuring an engraved Outer Heaven logo, four wallpapers and 10 songs from the MGS5 soundtrack. The price? ¥140k – which converts to an eye-watering £729. Surprisingly, this is cheaper than the RRP of the standard model, which is nearer to a thousand quid.

The game of course comes out on September 1st, and Kojima put together one final trailer to celebrate the release…revel in its majesty below.

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