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The last dedicated gaming arcade in London, the Heart Of Gaming, is back up and running after thieves broke in and stole over £5,000 worth of consoles and equipment. The arcade was broken into on Tuesday night but the thieves did not target any of the arcade machines, which do not hold any money (all the machines are set to free-play, which is then covered by entry fees). A GoFundMe campaign set up in response to the robbery raised over £5,000 in less than 24 hours to help get the community run venue back on its feet.

The arcade’s owner, Mark Starkey, was understandably saddened by the whole affair:

‘We’ve got a lot of young volunteer staff – they feel very passionately about the project. Sadly, they were the ones affected the most. Some were crying while the police came round and did their thing – more out of anger than sadness…It was one of those moments where you question if it’s still worth doing what you are doing, but then when you see the support of so many people you feel you have to rise to the responsibility to keep it going for them. There really isn’t anywhere else round here like us’

Although the requested funds have been raised, the campaign has remained open with any extra funds going towards enhanced security for the venue.

In Other News

The full details regarding the exclusivity deal Microsoft has in place for Rise Of The Tomb Raider have finally been disclosed by Square Enix – while it is still on course for release on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on November 10th 2015, the action sequel will appear on Windows 10 and Steam in early 2016, with a PlayStation 4 version coming in ‘Holiday 2016’; giving Microsoft console exclusivity for roughly a whole year.

There has been a sense of controversy regarding the release of the game since Microsoft made it’s announcement at GamesCom 2014 – the initial wording of the deal suggested that Rise Of The Tomb Raider would not come to other platforms (a surprise considering the 2012 reboot performed well across the board), before Xbox boss Phil Spencer clarified that the deal had a time duration. The coyness with which such deals have been revealed to the gaming community is certainly a trend I myself would not like to see continue.

The Android version of Bethesda’s highly successful mobile game Fallout Shelter will be available on August 13th. The free-to-download title has been on iOS platforms since its grand reveal at E3, and in the meantime has proven to be a commercial hit, outselling the likes of mobile longstay Candy Crush Saga on the App Store. Both versions of the game are set to receive an update adding new features and rewards.

In related Fallout news, Bethesda have also announced an ‘limited run’ anthology collection for the PC, bringing the five main games in the series (Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas) into a collection for the first time. It will cost £39.99 and is set for release in Europe on October 2nd, with the Americans getting it a tad earlier on September 29th. Not only do 3 & New Vegas come with all of their DLC, but the games are packed up inside a case resembling a mini-nukehead – which is the coolest casing I’ve seen in a long time.

Don't kid yourself - you need this in your life
Don’t kid yourself – you need this in your life

Atlus and VanillaWare are working on a HD port of the PS2 side scrolling action RPG Odin Sphere, set for release in Japan on January 14th 2016 for PS3, PS4 and Vita platforms. Titled Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir, the game will feature updated graphics, new artwork, fully voiced cutscenes and the inclusion of a Classic mode – a localized version is also in the works for North America and Europe.

Released quite late into the PS2’s lifespan, I once played a friend’s copy of Odin Sphere for about 20 minutes concluding that while it was a very pretty game, the tone and gameplay weren’t really my cup of tea. Now that I’m a bit older and I have the completion of the equally pretty GrimGrimoire under my belt, I might be willing to give this another try.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will weigh in as a 25GB download on PS4, according to a listing on the Japanese PlayStation store. The PS3 version meanwhile, will require 11.7GB of hard drive space. The news comes alongside the release of a new poster for the game, showing Big Boss and Quiet lathered in blood for some unexplained reason…

If anyone has even the slightest idea of how MGS:V is going to play out, please send your answers in on a blood soaked postcard...
If anyone has even the slightest idea of how MGS:V is going to play out, please send your answers in on a blood soaked postcard…

And Finally…

Among the many strong elements it had going for it, the soundtrack to The Last Of Us is one of the standout parts of Naughty Dog’s modern masterpiece. Two-time Academy Award winning composer Gustavo Santoalla’s music is now available on a four disc vinyl collection, including all of the tracks from the main game and the DLC side story Left Behind.

Featuring artwork from Olly Moss and Jay Shaw (nope, I’ve not heard of them either), hipsters can get 4XLP boxset for £48. Alternatively, you could buy The Last Of Us: Remastered for less and get a game with it as well…

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