Headlines Of The Week

Due to moving house and other complications, this will just be a short collection of stories this week. Apologies for the delay!

  • PS3 users can now wirelessly connect a DualShock 4 controller after downloading the 4.60 firmware update, having only been able to utilize them previously via a wired connection. Functions including rumble force and motion control are still unavailable, and the DualShock 4 does not fully support every PS3 game as of yet

  • Former ‘darling of Kickstarter turned journalistic punching bag’ Ouya have announced a seemingly last ditch attempt to get attention. For $59.99, the ‘All-Access Pass’ will give users full access to over 800 games and DLC; although the offer is limited at the moment to Ouya developers and only includes games that cost less than $30 normally.
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth will be released worldwide on October 24, 2014, with players who pre-order the space strategy  title receiving a map pack for free. The PC version will cost 39 quid, with Mac and Linux versions following later

  • Airtight Games, the developers behind games including Dark Void & Murdered: Soul Suspect have closed down. The company had been in financial trouble since January, and had laid off fourteen members of staff in April as part of a restructuring move.
  • Hitting it’s mark on the UK Games Sales Chart, Sniper Elite 3 debuted at top spot knocking EA Sports UFC down into third place. GRID: Autosport was the only other new entry at No.7, while Mario Kart 8 dropped out of the Top Ten.

Top Ten For Week Ending 28th June 2014 (from GFK/Chart-Track)

1 – Sniper Elite 3 (Rebellion/505 Games)

2 – Watch_Dogs (Ubisoft Montreal)

3 – EA Sports UFC (EA Canada)

4 – Titanfall (Respawn Entertainment/Bluepoint Games)

5 – Wolfenstein: The New Order (MachineGames)

6 – FIFA 14 (EA Canada)

7 – GRID: Autosport (Codemasters)

8 – Call Of Duty: Ghosts (Infinity Ward)

9 – Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (4J Studios)

10 – Minecraft: PS3 Edition (4J Studios)

And Finally…

Chances are that you would never get the chance to link ‘humanitarian causes’ and Grand Theft Auto together in a headline, but this story does just that – Leslie Benzies, head of Rockstar North (the devs behind the mega-selling series), has purchased a church in Edinburgh for half a million pounds.

St Stephen’s Church in the Scottish capital has been purchased by Benzies for “entirely philanthropic” reasons according to a spokesman, with the intention that the Georgian building continue to be used as a local venue for Arts:

“The preservation of St Stephen’s church as a community centre meets a pressing need as well as protecting an important historical building. We are delighted that we can help bring the church back to its former glory, securing its future whilst providing a renovated local and performing arts centre that will benefit the wider community”

So there we are – proof that somehow Grand Theft Auto works towards the public good…as opposed to turning us all into mindless killers as every newspaper would have you think.


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