“Twitch Plays Pokemon:” WE BEAT THE GAME!

Good grief…they actually did it!

Objection Network


On Saturday morning at about 2 a.m. Arizona time, Twitch Plays Pokemon managed to overcome Blue’s Blastoise and beat the game!

There was no shortage of drama on the way, some of which we’ve already covered here before (like Zapdos and the Rocket Hideout debacle). But in the end, after 20+ attempts and failures against the Elite Four, the stream prevailed and Red was finally victorious. That’s right — even with tens of thousands of people controlling him all at once, Red is once again more successful than Ash Ketchum.

With 90,000+ people tuning in, a suddenly overpowered Zapdos (and thank god we managed to get him), now past the level 80 mark, crushed Blastoise with a Thundershock to seal the deal.

Here’s a couple highlights from the parts I managed to catch in the last 24 hours:

  • Victory Road was surprisingly decent, especially after grinding a bit…

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