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This week saw the unexpected delay of one of the most eagerly anticipated titles of the Winter period and a key launch title for the PS4 & Xbox One, as Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs has been set back from its initial launch date of November 19th to early 2014. In a blog post, Ubisoft said:

“Our ambition from the start with Watch Dogs has been to deliver something that embodies what we wanted to see in the next-generation of gaming…it is with this in mind that we’ve made the tough decision to delay the release until Spring 2014.”

The statement also confirmed that open-world racer The Crew (which I recently got hands on with at Eurogamer) would be delayed as well. The company have said that customers who have preordered next-gen consoles bundled with Watch Dogs will be able to swap the title for another game.

It’s a real shame, because both games were things that I was really looking forward to that might have convinced me to buy into the next generation early. Oh well, back to the Steam backlog I go…

It doesn't matter which one you want; you won't be playing it this year
It doesn’t matter which one you want; you won’t be playing it this year

In Other News…

The PS4’s launch lineup took another hit this week with more delays – DRIVECLUB, the simulation racer which was set to headline the PS Plus service for the new console has also been put back to 2014 to allow for some extra spit and polish. The boss of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has stated however that when the game is eventually launched it will still enter PS Plus as a free download for subscribers.

The news means that the pressure is on for both Knack and Killzone: Shadowfall to carry the burden as the must have exclusive titles when the PS4 launches in November.

The Xbox One game creation tool Project Spark will be free for all customers – regardless of whether they have a Xbox Live subscription or not. The news was confirmed this week by a community manager on Reddit after a fan query. Bearing a passing resemblance to the interactivity of LittleBigPlanet¸ Project Spark will allow users to craft and mould their own worlds with additional support through Kinect and Smartglass-capable devices.

In related news, Xbox Live’s ‘Games With Gold’ campaign which offer users two free games to download each month is set to continue indefinitely into the new year, whereas it was previously expected to finish in December. If you currently have a Gold subscription, then you can download Halo 3 right now. But of course, you’ve already played that to death haven’t you?


Pokemon X & Y have been runaway successes both critically and financially in their first week on the market, but there is a bug in the game that may cause you to lose your save data. Basically, opting to save in the outskirts of Lumiose City, the main capital of the new game, runs the risk of making save files unusable.

Nintendo have said they are working on a patch to fix the error, and in the meantime have advised the players save their game inside buildings like the Pokemon Center. If you can read Japanese, then details of the fix are available at Nintendo’s own website.

Let’s be honest; the Playstation Vita hasn’t especially set the world on fire has it? Like the PSP before it, the Vita is a solid bit of kit but a lack of must-have games and its comparatively high price when put next to a 3DS have hampered its sales. Well, UK retailer Argos are currently running a deal which might tempt to you pick one up.

For £139.99, you can get a Vita (compatible with Wi-Fi and 3G) with a 8GB memory card and two games, Virtua Tennis 4 and Killzone Mercenary. That’s quite a reasonable offer in my opinion, but you’ll have to be quick about it – the deal ends on the 22nd October.

In sales news, Grand Theft Auto V returned to the top of the UK Game Sales Charts this week, ousting FIFA 14 from the top spot. New 3DS releases Pokemon X & Y placed third and fourth respectively, with Nintendo claiming to have sold four million units worldwide in its first weekend of availability.

Top Ten For Week Ending 12th October 2013 (from GFK/Chart-Track)

1 – Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar North)

2 – FIFA 14 (EA Canada)

3 – Pokemon X (Game Freak)*

4 – Pokemon Y (Game Freak)*

5 – Beyond: Two Souls (Quantic Dream)*

6 – F1 2013 (Codemasters)

7 – Just Dance 2014 (Ubisoft)

8 – Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (4J Studios)

9 – Disney Infinity (Avalanche Software)

10 – The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo)

(* signifies a new chart entry)

And Finally…

At this years E3 conference Kingdom Hearts III was confirmed to be a reality; and progress on the game might be further ahead than we originally thought. Check out the gameplay video that was shown off at the D23 Expo in Japan below, which shows Sora summoning a train from Disneyland to aid in his fight

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