Grand Theft Auto V Acheivement List Revealed

We are now just under a month away from what could potentially run away not only with the accolade of Game Of The Year, but Game Of The Generation – of course, its Rockstar’s magnum opus Grand Theft Auto V. And the achievement/trophy list has sneaked its way to the interwebs.

After a quick sneak peek, it immediately strikes me as being every bit as varied at GTA IV’s list; perhaps even more so. Rampages are making a welcome return from Vice City & San Andreas, and the inclusion of medals for missions confirms that the replay mission option from The Ballad Of Gay Tony & Red Dead Redemption will also be included. There’s also a pretty big emphasis on spending money – splashing out $200 million on investments including nuclear waste should be pretty good fun. Then there’s the miscellaneous ones that will cause the rumor mill to go into overdrive – spaceship parts? And is this Leonora Johnson a sly reference to Carl Johnson and his family from San Andreas?

I can't wait to ascend Mt. Chiliad again, only to jump straight off
I can’t wait to ascend Mt. Chiliad again, only to jump straight off

The other thing that strikes me with the list is the emphasis on the mutliplayer component, Grand Theft Auto Online, which as we know from the reveal video this week won’t be up and running until two weeks after the game’s release. I personally found my brief time on GTA IV’s mutiplayer to be a painful experience, and hopefully it won’t be anyway near as hard accumulating XP to reach the higher levels this time around. At least they’ve included a focus on group activities such as heists, rally mode (which sounds like a hoot) and survival to make the online experience more enjoyable for all.

If you want a gander at the full list, simply click the link below. Time to settle in for a long month of waiting… (EDIT – this link was taken down not long after writing this article, presumably for reasons of privacy instigated by the developers. The list should in theory be back up when the game is released)

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