OverClocked ReMix Release Final Fantasy VI Project

In October 2012, the video game music arrangement organization OverClocked ReMix launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the physical production of an album they called Balance And Ruin – a selection of fan arrangements of the wonderful soundtrack from Final Fantasy VI. They managed to raise five times the requested amount, and this week they have released the completed project online to download for free.

The $153,633 raised for the project has been put to good use. Enjoy this wallpaper why don't you?

The $153,633 raised for the project has been put to good use. Enjoy this wallpaper why don’t you?

I haven’t quite had the time to listen to the full set of seventy-four songs, but what I have listened to thus far has impressed me greatly. In particular, I am finding the eclectic styles incorporated in the arrangements to be very effective – piano solos, big band, chiptune, guitar, vocals and melodies are all present and help bring something unique to what we must remember was a MIDI soundtrack for the SNES. Most importantly, it still all sounds recognizably like Final Fantasy VI. Among my personal favorites after a quick listen through the album are Idle City Streets, Bad Octopus, the superb A Fistful Of Nickels and a bizarre ukelele/dubstep version of Mog’s theme.

If you want to fetch the soundtrack for yourself and learn a bit more about the project, head to the official website, http://ff6.ocremix.org/


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