Halo 4 Set For November 6th Release & God Of War: Ascension Confirmed

The heavyweights are starting to make their presence felt now. Not long after a shift forward in the release date for Resident Evil 6 and the reveal of Crysis 3, we have more pleasant news this week.

First of all, Halo 4 has an official release date of November 6th 2012, meaning we will be taking the role of Master Chief once more in the month where Call Of Duty usually lands as well. And now, the next God Of War game has also been confirmed by Sony after a leak on the internet yesterday (seriously, you would think these leaks are getting planned nowadays with the sheer amount of them). Called God Of War: Ascension, a teaser trailer yesterday showed the protagonist Kratos looking to break free of chains, with the voiceover suggesting it will be a prequel to the original God Of War.

Finally, you need to buy Trials: Evolution – it’s fantastic. Nab it now for 1200 points on Xbox Live.

P.S Keep your eyes out for some more reviews in the near future.

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