GAME Not Selling Mass Effect 3, Assassins Creed 3 Is Set In The American Revolution & More

Time for your weekly news update

  • Unfortunately, this week starts with some pretty dire news, and it concerns the GAME Group, the company that owns both GAME and Gamestation which are the two biggest game retailers on the high street in the UK. Basically, due to credit problems that have been swirling around GAME in particular for a while, the stores will not be selling any titles from EA during the month of March – meaning they will not be stocking copies of Mass Effect 3, one of the most anticipated games of the year. Anyone who preordered from the stores is being given £5 worth of credit in return. Now as you might be able to guess, this isn’t good – taking the decision is a very bold move on the GAME Group’s behalf, believing that by not cashing in on this short term opportunity they will have the credit to support themselves throughout the rest of the year – but they are missing out on a potentially very large sum of money from not selling titles like Mass Effect 3. You have to wonder if GAME is on the verge of following the likes of Woolworth’s in disappearing from the high street. I personally think that over the last few years they haven’t done themselves much favour by selling second hand games for relatively extortionate prices and not having much new stock around (if your local GAME store is different, I’d very much like to know), but to the same effect the high street really can’t take the hit that the shutdown of these stores would cause. Let’s hope they sort the credit out and then buck up their ideas
  • We have a new title announced for the autumn months – Bioshock: Infinite is getting released internationally on 19th October. The game, which has looked pretty damn spectacular from the footage Irrational Games have released since its reveal in 2010, will no doubt be one of the big hitters in what is shaping up to be another incredible Winter season for game releases.
  • So the rumours weren’t bollocks after all – Assassins Creed 3 will indeed take place during the American Revolution. Ubisoft very kindly decided to release the boxart today to confirm the rumours, which you can see below. Will the game work with guns and axes rather than bows and blades? Who knows – so long as they don’t pull a ‘Black Ops’ version of history and have you kill George Washington, I don’t really care I guess – Assassins Creed has never really been my cup of tea
Something seems wrong with this. Maybe its the lack of Renaissance Italy perhaps?
  • Finally, one of the great Sega Dreamcast games is finally getting its long awaited release on the seventh generation of consoles – it’s not Shenmue. Instead, Jet Set Radio is getting a full HD remake (unlike the likes of Sonic Adventure which were port jobs). The cult graffiti-em-up title, well received first time round for its striking visuals and ace soundtrack, will be arriving on PSN, Xbox Live and PC during the summer.

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