Dazcooke51 Presents…The Best Video Game Music Ever

G’day everyone. Firat of all, thank you for your continued support of my blogging activities – I’ve recently gained a few more subscribers (hope I’m keeping you all entertained), and have had a guest writer to help me out. Today I am starting off something that I should have done ages ago – a simple side project that will collect together some of the greatest pieces of video game music ever made.

As the years have gone by, I have found myself increasingly listening to video game music over any other musical genre, and I simply wish to share some of the tracks that I enjoy listening to. This project does not aim to rank songs in any particular order; rather songs will come up as I remember them. I am aware that I tend to highlight a few songs in my reviews, so if there is repitition of music then I apologise.

If all goes well, I aim to show off at least one bit of music per day. I hope you enjoy my picks – and don’t worry, I will continue to produce reviews and news as well.


P.S The real inspiration for this idea comes from SupraDarky, a Youtube user who has his own VGM list which has recently gone over the 1000 song mark. If this list can be even slightly near the quality of his, I will consider this project a great success


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