New Xbox Dashboard On 6th December, Possible Expansions For Skyrim Found & Messi Becomes The New Face Of EA Sports

Just a quick news update this week rather than a fleshed out set of bulletins – I’m sorry there hasn’t been much review wise lately, but I’ve been literally inundated with an assignment, and a mixture of Skyrim & Persona 4 being played simultaneously means I wont be getting any games finished in a hurry. I’ll will improve my efforts in mid December hopefully.

And without further ado, the headlines at 9pm:

  • It’s Black Friday! You know, that holiday that no-one in Great Britain actually celebrates….but anyway, Black Friday means deals on games, and this year is hasn’t been as good as last year frankly. Whereas stuff like ‘Splosion Man was going for just 80 MSP last year, this year the deals have been kind of crap. But don’t worry, as ever Steam has had a ridiculous sale this week, and if you are quick you might be able to catch the last few deals before Saturday comes around.
  • Microsoft have been busy this week denying claims in The Sun that Xbox Live has been hacked. To confirm, this does appear to be usual tabloid sensationalist bulls**t, as they are talking about simple phishing scams, and if you are smart with your details (or just use prepaid cards) you won’t be having any problems. On a happier note, we have a confirmed date for the new 360 dashboard update – hook up to Xbox Live on December 6th, and you’ll have the new interface, based on Windows 7 phones, to play with. I don’t really see the need for it, but getting the free stuff like 4OD, Youtube and BBC IPlayer on at long last will be welcome.
  • Ah Skyrim, how you continue to hold secrets for all of us. Some of the keener eyed players may have noticed a road that leads to seemingly nowhere on the bottom left corner of the map, and this week an intrepid PC gamer used no-clip mode to go through the path, and found himself in familiar areas…yep, Bethesda actually included the landmass of Morrowind and Cyrodill, the areas where the third and fourth Elder Scrolss games took place. The landmass is very low detail, but its inclusion in the game suggests there may well be DLC expansions going into the familiar territory – I would personally love to stomp around Cyrodill again as the Dragonborn.
Low detail it may be, but that is undoubtedly the Imperial City from Oblivion...
  • You may well have forgotten that Minecraft was coming to Xbox Live this Winter, but don’t worry – it will not be coming for Winter. Instead, the enormously successful indie project will be now arriving in Spring 2012 for the Xbox 360 on Xbox Live Arcade. To celebrate, the development team behind the game released this very tongue-in-cheek trailer showing the dynamic action of Minecraft. I may well actually get into this one day; it reminds me of the simple joys of having Lego and building stuff as a kid.
  • The Versus Booster Pack is now available for Gears Of War 3. If you are unaware, Epic Games very kindly have made the five maps that came with the recent Horde Command Pack free for everyone to download, although you won’t get the benefits of the Command Pack, such as the achievements and Horde upgrades, via the Booster Pack.
  • Finally, EA Sports have made a new signing, and he just so happens to be the best footballer on the planet – Lionel Messi, former cover star of rival franchise Pro Evolution Soccer, has made the jump for FIFA Street. It’s a shame then as a friend of my pointed out while playing FIFA 12, Messi only has four star skills in that game…I suspect it might get updated come January.

And that’s your lot, I hope you have a pleasant week ahead of you all.