Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Achievements Revealed

The game might be delayed until February 2012, but that hasn’t stopped someone leaking the achievements/trophies for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Strangely although you get MGS2, MGS3 and MGS Peace Walker in the same package, Peace Walker has its own list separate to the two PS2 titles – who am I to complain? Overall, it’s a pretty good list, mixing standard progression awards in with the boss battles you encounter during the games. I had to highlight this list however for some of the stuff you will get rewarded for in MGS3 – there’s an achievement for taking out The End early (one of the best Easter Eggs in gaming), and a hilarious one for causing a time paradox with Ocelot – veterans of the game should know how to trigger this one.

Check out the full lists for both the HD Collection and Peace Walker via the following links (courtesy of the ever useful

MGS2 & MGS3 Achievement/Trophy List

MGS Peace Walker Achievement/Trophy List

P.S. In what has been a glorious day for game spoilers, someone managed to acquire the opening 20 minutes of Skyrim and put it on Youtube earlier. If you want to spoil the opening of the biggest game of the year, have a look around – Zenimax have been taking down most of the links due to copyright.


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