Breaking News: I’m Actually Going To Buy A Game At Release Again

It seems strange that barely a year ago I was stood outside of my local Gamestation branch with some friends eagerly waiting to get our hands on Halo Reach – time has indeed gone very quickly indeed. Tonight, I will be getting my first new game since FIFA 11 last year, and that game of course is going to be Gears Of War 3, the final part of Epic Games sci-fi cover shooter trilogy. If anyone else if going to be braving the elements (and the drunks) around the UK tonight, I hope you all get a copy. With regards to prices, it seems pretty stable at the moment across the board, with no-one willing to budge from the RRP of around £39.99 – GAME and HMV are doing trade in offers with Dead Island, and you’ll be able to get 10% off at certain Gamestation stores if you are a student.

As a final note, I’ve read that the install size for the disc will be about 7.2 GB, making it one of the first games to come out on the new DVD format discs that Microsoft are introducing. Best clear some HDD space then. Anyway, happy hunting Gears fans.

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