Coming Soon To A Video Game Blog Near You….

The sun is out, football is on the television, and I’m sifting through my catalogue of old games to find something to play – yep, you really can tell its August can’t you. Sadly, the ultra bonanza of games heading into stores is still a few weeks away, but it means that now I find myself in a period of the year that I actually rather enjoy, where I go back and revisit games I’ve played in the past purely for the sake of fun. Having spent a lot of June and July going through some of my Playstaion classics, I’m focusing on a selection of SNES games that I started playing ages ago, but neglected to finish. Perhaps this is rather appropriate considering the SNES celebrates 20 years since its release in America on Tuesday.

As ever, I have been busy writing up some reviews, and in the next few weeks you can expect to read my opinions on Super Mario RPG, Gears Of War, Driver, Dragon Quest 8, and a special feature on my favourite internet browser games. I hope you will find them to be an interesting read.

That’s all for now then, as ever thank you for reading my blog, and feel free to read and comment on all my reviews and articles.


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