Nintendo 3DS Price Cuts: Where To Go For The Best Deals

Well, we were expecting them, but when Nintendo announced the price cuts for their 3DS consoles (set to come into effect tomorrow) I’m not sure there would have been many who expected to be able to get one for just over £100. And yet, this is seemingly the reality, as rival outlets prepare to engage in all out price warfare over Nintendo’s handheld device.

The 3D gimmick hasn't caught on as Nintendo they've chopped the price to attract the punters

The huge cuts come not too soon after Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, admitted that the 3DS needed stronger launch titles and the implementation of the e-Shop from day one. So the question is, now that the price has been more than halved since its launch earlier this year, do you want to buy one, and where is the cheapest place to get it? Below are the prices that stores have said they will be selling the 3DS for in Britain, both online and in the high street.

  • If you want to try your hand at online retailers, you would be best off avoiding at the moment – strangely, they still have the prices at £197, a figure that I would expect to sharply drop, as close rivals Amazon have the 3DS listed at £155, and with that price difference you can easily get a game and have some change spare. Other retailers are still quite pricey online; Dixons are plumping with £169.99, and HMV have gone for £189.99. Your best bet online is with Gamestop, who have the black 3DS at £135 with free delivery
  • If you choose to venture into the high streets (or at least the ones left alone by fucking idiot rioters), then GAME and Gamestation would likely be your first places to visit. Game are offering the 3DS bundled together with The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3DS for £160 (which is a very decent deal indeed), and Gamestation are offering bundles from £170, and the hardware alone from £150. Remember, students get discounts at Gamestation, so if you are waiting for your loan to come through you could save a few coppers by going with them.
  • But of course, as with any price war, it’s the supermarkets who are going to be leading the charge. Morrisons, who recently were doing a 3DS with Ocarina Of Time for £200, have said they will charge £120 from tomorrow for the 3DS. Not bad, but considering my local Morrisons barely has a gaming section at all, you might be hard pushed to actually get the console. So, the last option is the ever-humble Tesco, who have a barnstorming offer of just £115 for a 3DS. Not so much a price cut as a price massacre on the original RRP of £250. If the thought of buying a games console with your weekly food shop terrifies you however, you can go to Curry’s or PC World within a 30 miles radius of a Tesco (pretty much a guaranteed thing to happen), and they will price match and take off an extra 10%, because they are nice like that. Seems daft not to take them up on the offer to be honest.

And just as a reminder, the 3DS is getting some games before Christmas, in the form of Super Mario 3D Land on November 13th and Mario Kart 7 on December 4th. Happy shopping 🙂

EDIT: Since I wrote this article, Amazon have matched the Tesco deal at £115. Expect the other online retailers to get competitive as well very soon.

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