Analogue Television Is Dead…Long Live The Analogue!!!

Today marks an event that if nothing else, shows the movement of the times in the digital age. From today, homes in parts of Yorkshire and my beloved Lincolnshire will lose the analogue signal for television channels that has served us since pretty much the beginning of television. The reason for this is that the UK is switching to a digital signal, which presumably will be quicker, easier and cheaper for everyone.

Belmont Tower (just outside of Louth), once the tallest structure in both the UK and the EU before 2010, will continue to send digital signals in Lincolnshire. No more analogue though.

From a practical point of view, our household is well covered; I’ve had a freeview box for about five or six years now, and the television downstiars is connected to Sky. However, I always find it sad to see when old technology, once seen as pioneering, is simply tossed aside for a new alternative. How many of us will celebrate the wonders of what analogue signals have given us over the years? And on another matter, how many tips across the country are suddenly going to be inudated with old televisions which no have no purpose as they cant pick up signals (and can’t be put to proper recycling use becuase the innards don’t have much value)? I’m pretty cynical about the whole deal; analogue signals had been clear as they ever were, and I think this is more of an economic drive to get people to buy new televisions than  anything else.

Pray silence then, for the humble analogue system. Thanks for all the enjoyment you have provided over the years, you will not be forgotten in a rush. By me at least.

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