Gears Of War 3 Achievement List Revealed – Yep, Seriously 3.0 Is In There

Courtesy of, I can present to you today the achievement list for the game which will usher in a a Fall season of excellent games, and that game is Gears Of War 3. I warn you in advance of potential spoilers from acheivement names for story related progress, but a quick look at the list shows that Epic have divided the game up quite nicely into story, mutliplayer, Horde and Beat modes. And for the hardcore, we have the much anticipated ‘Seriously 3.0’ achievement: it is not to get a million kills as one may expect, but rather to get to level 100 and earn all Onyx medals in multiplayer. Best prepare for another long haul then…

Check out the list at the following link and tell me what you think. If you excuse me, I’ll go rev up the Lancer…


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