How To Improve BBC3? With A Random Show Generator Of Course

On the whole, BBC3 is a pretty useless channel. Occasionally they might put a decent film on there late at night, and you can catch up on Top Gear if you missed it on Dave, but otherwise it’s a horrible muddle of programming seemingly aimed at displaying everything that is wrong with the world. And when I say the world I mean British teenagers who are usually worried about their looks, are drunk, prematurely pregnant, on drugs etc. You would think that they would have run out of ideas by now.

Thankfully however, a friend of mine from university (who is also a very sharp games commentator and much more organised than I am) has come up with a little gem of a show generator. Working on the principle that all good shows must have a mixture of three words or ‘Stacey Dooley Investigates’ in the title, the generator will come up with a random title for something that BBC3 can show. Some of the results have been hilarious; I think ‘Deaf, Prone And On Fire’ has been my favourite thus far. Check it out and see what hilarity ensues.

The link for the generator is below. I do not take credit for the generator; I am only spreading the word.