Duke No Longer The King, More Maps For Black Ops & Timesplitters 4 On The Crytek Engine

I haven’t done a news update for a while now; so I thought while I have some spare time I would do a quick update on everything that is going on in the gaming world.

First of all on a personal note, I appreciate the recent high levels of traffic that has come through my site; when I started this up I only intended it to be a small thing to do in my spare time, but now I’m getting a steady flow of views each day, and some other gaming sites have even referenced me for their articles. I suspect it has something to do with writing an article on the Times poster for Modern Warfare 3 (which has had a seriously high percentage of my views overall), but I appreciate the views nevertheless. As ever, any comments on articles or ways to improve the site as a whole would be appreciated.

Now then, onto news, and the first thing concerns the recently released Duke Nukem Forever. Yep, hard to believe its out and in peoples disc drives, but it seems that the game has not been able to live up to the 12 years of hype. It has had a set of pretty damning reviews across the board, struggling to get over 50% in many publications, with many pointing out that Duke doesn’t fit into modern society in the way he used to, and that the game does nothing new for the genre. People have still been out and bought it though; it was the best selling game in the UK over the last week so Gearbox will have some revenue to look forward to. It was perhaps inevitable, things that are delayed for such a long time usually get a lacklustre response (*cough cough* Chinese Democracy by Guns And Roses).

With all the media flurry over Modern Warfare 3, Activision have tried to bring the focus back to Black Ops for the time being at least with the announcement of another map pack for the game, titled ‘Annihilation’. Set for release on June 28th, it will have four new multiplayer maps (called Drive-In, Silo, Hazard and Hangar 18: a Megadeth reference perhaps?) and one new Zombie Map called Shangri-La. Expect it to cost 1200 MS Points when it gets released.

And in yet more FPS news, Halo Anniversary HD, 343 Industries remake of the Bungie classic Halo: Combat Evolved, will cost around £34.99 when it gets released in November. This makes it cheaper than a new game, but more expensive than a re-released classic. Personally I am disappointed, even if the promised links to Halo 4 are integrated into the storyline, £35 is too much to be paying for a game that I’ve played before endlessly, and I have Halo: Reach if I want to play multiplayer. At least my bank balance wont be taking such a huge hit in November, when it seem every game in the universe is getting released.

And the final piece of FPS news (I promise) is a big one: TIMESPLITTERS 4 IS ON ITS WAY. And it is going to be on the Crytek engine. Crytek UK, formed out of the ashes of Free Radical who developed the Timesplitters franchise, have said that it will be making its way to next-gen consoles, which has sparked debate that Microsoft in particular are making a new console which would be revealed next year. Still, to have Robofish on the Crytek engine will be well worth the wait.

Two more bits of news to wrap this article up. First off, Minecraft, the hugely successful Indie game, has passed 2.5 million units sold. With its impending release on the Xbox 360 this Winter, one would anticipate sales will rise even further, but to have sold this much on the PC alone is a phenomenal achievement for a individual project. Kudos.

And finally, tomorrow marks the release of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3DS. I have discussed the game quite often in my blog, getting some hands on experience with it at the MCM Expo in London,  and it has been advertised with remarkable gusto by Nintendo, who have even drafted in Robin Williams (remember him?) to advertise the game. My interest lies not in the game itself, but how the reviews of it will come out; the N64 version is pretty much untouchable in reviewing terms, so will the handheld version get the same five-star treatment? If I see anything below a 9 for it, I will be very surprised indeed.

And so there is the news roundup for the week, feel free to check out the other posts on my blog (I’ve done some revamping on the categories for easier access), and I’ll catch you all later.

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