E3 2011: Roundup Of News From The Show Floor

And so finally the dust has settled, and E3 is over for another year. The headline games and consoles have been revealed, speculation and rage/delight has been expressed across the world, and many a new E3 meme have been created. What this article will do is just round up a few interesting stories that occurred from the show floor, and give some exposure to games that were missed off from the main conferences.

  • The first thing to highlight however concerns Nintendo, and the announcement of the Wii U. Despite the many impressive things showed off at E3, it seems that the stock market didn’t agree. Not long after its announcement in Los Angeles, shares had fallen as much as 7.5% in Japan. By Thursday things had recovered slightly, but they are still down by 5.2%. The analysts are saying its not because the Wii U is a bad console, moreso it just simply isn’t what the market was expecting, especially with the boasts that Nintendo were getting the hardcore gamers back. I personally don’t think that the lack of specs on the console is doing Nintendo any good either; they have been sketchy about the disc details, but we know at least it will not be on Blu-Ray, and it sadly will not be backwards compatible with the Gamecube. We also do not know about the price; Nintendo President Satoru Iwata expects it will be around $250, whereas some retailers have gone as high as the ridiculous $399. It needs to be prices competitively, or Microsoft and Sony can simply cut their margins for more sales. Overall judgement; Nintendo are not sitting quite as pretty as they would have hoped.
  • Capcom decided to have a media blowout on Thursday, and we have new details on two of their upcoming games. First off is DmC (which funnily enough is my initials), which had a video showing new look Dante delivering some over the top sword and gun related death in a generic city backdrop, and then we got confirmation of some new characters on the Street Fighter X Tekken roster in the form of Cammy, Sagat (Street Fighter) and Hwoarang with Julia Chang (Tekken)
  • Epic Games have also lifted the lid on Horde 2.0, the updated version of the team vs AI game which will feature in Gears Of War 3. It seems that they have taken a look at Treyarch’s zombie modes in Call Of Duty and borrowed a few ideas about upgradeable equipment; you can now buy defences to help you in the fight against the Locust, who will come in bigger and badder shapes than seen before with Brumaks and Beserkers getting in on the action. Should be a great addition to the improved multiplayer which had its beta last month.
  • Top Gear has been confirmed for Forza Motorsport 4. Or at least the track and Jeremy Clarkson have, as Forza aims to overtake Gran Turismo as the best racing simulator out there.
  • Sega have shown a new stage of Sonic Generations, and it isn’t the Green Hill Zone! You can now see Classic and Modern Sonic running through the City Escape Zone. It seems to keep the excellent balance of games that was displayed in the first trailer, and will surely appease fans. Not sure if everyone will appreciate the use of My Chemical Romance in the trailer however though.
  • Activision are taking EA and Battlefield 3 seriously it seems. The publishers of the all conquering Call Of Duty series, and in particular their CEO Bobby Kotick, have been talking this week about the potential threat it offers to Modern Warfare 3. He offered the traditional lines that Modern Warfare 3 is the biggest game ever (just like Modern Warfare 2…and Black Ops), but Activision have yet to see Battlefield 3 on consoles, and Kotick himself was rejected the chance to play the game on the show floor by EA. This is the first time that Activision have had real direct competition at launch date, and I can see this battle of games developing more heatedly throughout the year.
  • Square Enix were surprisingly quiet at E3, apart from plastering the new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 everywhere. It shows off some of the gameplay of the game, which still seems to operate the Paradigm system from FFXIII and features several of the characters, including Lightning. There are also rumours that Square are looking into maybe releasing Final Fantasy 7-2: as a massive fans of the original, please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT MAKE THIS GAME.
  • And last but certainly not least, Bethesda were quietly leaving jaws on the floor around E3 with a preview look of what is maybe the most anticipated game of the year: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Just look at this footage; the game world looks majestic, and considered what Oblivion was, we can be assured of a quality storyline and soundtrack. I really cannot wait for its release in November.

And that just about wraps up everything I wanted to cover at E3. Its been a pleasure to cover the event, and I’ll be moving back to my normal set of reviews, news and top tens very shortly. Thank you for all the views across the entirety of my blog, any feedback is of course appreciated

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