Getting A Modern Warfare 3 Poster For 50p

Ah the joys of being part of a gaming society. Tonight (which was sadly the last session of the year) we were asked by Gamestation if we could plug the pre-order bonuses for Modern Warfare 3, as if it really needed any perks to attract attention. Chief amongst the goodies is the massive double sided poster you get; one side has a monochrome solider and doesn’t really attract interest, but the other side has this image: Wall Street in flames on the cover of Times Magazine.

Pretty striking imagery one must say

All skepticism of Modern Warfare aside, it looks really nice and relatively authentic in my opinion. And now for the simple offering of 50p change to the President of the society, I now have a merchandise box and a massive A1 poster for my wall to go alongside some Oblivion, Halo and Pokemon Black/White artwork; my wall decoration is coming along quite nicely indeed. The lesson to be learnt from this is don’t go out and put £5 down on a preorder for a poster: get lucky with random plugging deals from your local gaming store.

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