LA Noire Tops The Charts & More FIFA 12 Details Leaked

I must say that I am feeling pretty good at the moment. My university course has ended for the year, and I managed to survive the Rapture. All of this means that I have managed to spend a bit more time looking at some of the news in the games industry recently. It has been comparatively slow (I get the feeling everyone is waiting for E3 for announcements), but two bits of news have been of interest to me.

The first piece of news regards LA Noire. I wondered in my last news post whether or not it would have what it takes to be one of the games of the year, and it seems Rockstar’s relentless advertising push, combined with some excellent reviews, have done the trick. It topped the All Formats, Xbox 360 and PS3 charts this week (beating outing the likes of Brink and Lego: Pirates Of The Caribbean), and has been touted as the fastest selling new IP ever, certainly since Red Dead Redemption a year ago. Initial reports claim that about 900,000 copies were sold in the Americas in the space of five days, and 250,000 in the UK in roughly two days, with 55% of sales being the 360 version. Very impressive sales figures indeed.

They presented it, and it has been welcomed with open arms

The second bit of news to discuss is the recent leak of FIFA 12 details, in the form of screenshots and a video. The pictures are nothing special, doing the traditional ‘show a player controlling the ball at close range’ thing, but the video, which you can access here, displays a few of the new features, including a much more realistic system of defending where players actually contain the opposition rather than charging straight at them, and a few new examples of the collision system in action, with players flying off at all angles depending on the tackles. Some a bit more official from EA would be welcomed, but at the moment it looks to be coming along swimmingly.

To quote a good friend 'NEWSFLASH - ITS FOOTBALL' (taken from

Well that’s your lot for today, have a look around my blog for more reviews and features, and I’ll catch you all later.

UPDATE: It seems that EA has claimed copyright on that video, I apologise but there is nothing that I can do about it as it was an external Youtube video. I will leave the hyperlink in case it becomes available again

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