PSN Queries Destroy Google, Buffy Gets Her COD On & Link Gets A 3D Horse

Get ready for another news update from the gaming world: there’s a lot to absorb here.

Strangely, we start with the events of Christmas Day, 2008. How I look back at that day at the moment and thank my lucky stars that I didn’t get a PS3 for a present. Yep, the PSN Network saga is continuing to dominate the headlines everywhere you look at the moment. The main thing to take away is that it is still not working: that makes it six days now that the ‘80710a06’ error code has tormented owners of PS3’s and prevented them from using the online service. Owners are clearly getting frustrated; the error code has become one of the highest searched terms on Google for days now. More worryingly, Sony released a statement today saying that personal details, including credit card details, could have been taken during the furore by hackers. To be honest, there are so many rumours and statements flying around that it has become difficult to keep track of everything. I would recommend the ever competent CVG blog to anyone who wants to know more specifics about what is going down, and the potential ramifications for Sony. My personal view: egg on face is not a strong enough term at the moment.

So about that quick maintenance job Sony...

Its not all doom and gloom for Sony however; the recently released Mortal Kombat and Portal 2 have been a hit with consumers, rising to the top of the PS3 sales charts ahead of Call Of Duty: Black Ops (but more on that game later…). Perhaps surprisingly, the fighter outsold the puzzler on the PS3 this week, whereas on the All Formats chart Portal 2 romped away with the victory, with more than half of its boxed copies being sold on the Xbox 360. Maybe people have been holding off getting Portal 2 on the PS3 because they wish to take advantage of the linkup between Steam and PSN accounts; time (and the recovery of the PSN Network) will tell I suppose.

And on a final note with regards to sales, Nintendo this week announced that their 3DS has shifted over 3.61 million units since its launch in March. It falls short of the estimated 4 million that Nintendo were predicting, but I must say that its still pretty impressive figures that will no doubt have risen even higher by the end of the year, especially if Nintendo can announce some strong titles alongside their new console at E3 in June.

So then, we move to Call Of Duty: Black Ops. There is a new map pack coming out soon. It is called Escalation. Fun

Now I could leave it there, but a video was released today that blew my mind. Activision promised a ‘celebrity’ slant for the new Zombie map, named ‘Call Of The Dead’, and my word they have followed it up. They’ve got the master of the zombie film genre, George Romero, as a super-zombie, and then the four characters you take control of are Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street series) Michael Rooker (from the Walking Dead), Danny Trejo (from Machete) and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Yep, BUFFY IS KILLING ZOMBIES IN COD. And I thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous than when JFK and Nixon stuck it to the undead in the White House. Check out the trailer to see for yourselves what carnage they unleash (seriously watch it. It is fantastic). The Escalation Map pack is on sale on May 3rd.

I study History and can confirm this is 100% accurate...

Finally, we move back to the 3DS, and more specifically one game in particular. Do you want a guess? Yep, it’s Ocarina Of Time 3DS. The hype for this game, set for release on June 19th, is immense: a handheld 3D remake of a game that many hold to be the best game of all time; it should be the best thing since whatever came before sliced bread. Anyone who knows me personally however will be aware that I am not a fan of Ocarina Of Time: I prefer A Link To The Past on the SNES. But with each image released I have slowly but surely found myself interested in it, and today we can now see the 3DS version of the famous introduction where Link rides Epona across Hyrule Field, with that wonderful ocarina tune in the background. I will not be getting a 3DS, but I believe that this remake of the Ocarina Of Time may finally change my mind on the game. Maybe.

On a personal note, I have taken a small break over Easter to meet up with old friends, and so my reviews have slowed down a bit. My review of Mother 3 should be up later today or tomorrow, and I will get round to reviewing Metal Gear Solid and Crash Team Racing. It also happens to be the case that my mate has lent me two more games to play on my PS2, in the form of Rogue Galaxy and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. I’ve the first few hours of both and I can report that I am enjoying both, especially Rogue Galaxy which may end up becoming my new favourite RPG.

I’ll catch you all later with more news and reviews. Enjoy the summer weather.

3 thoughts on “PSN Queries Destroy Google, Buffy Gets Her COD On & Link Gets A 3D Horse”

  1. Wow your really enjoying rogue galaxy that much? i never actually got round to playing it. Cant wait to hear your final verdict then maybe i’ll bring out the old console and give it a blast!

    1. From the first few hours I have been impressed. Level 5 do very good visuals (such as the cel chading on Dragon Quest VIII), the concept is well implemented, and the storyline has been solid. I am a bit annoyed with the AI teammates however, they die very easily as you cannot control them. Certainly, the AI in Kingdom Hearts 2 was much better.

      1. Is there no system in place to set up your teammates?

        Also have you read the latest about the PSN fiasco they have sent out an email saying all your data has been compromised and possible your credit card details but they aren’t sure yet. This is a huuuuuuge mess for sony and considering i have used the PSN im pretty pissed off, ive had to change passwords and check all my other major accounts *grumble* and will have to keep checking for a goodwhile yet.

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