Top Ten…Most Overpowered Weapons In Gaming

Weapons are widespread in the gaming world; of course they serve as being the main tools to defeat the bad guys in your way. However, some weapons have achieved notoriety for simply being too powerful or ‘cheap’; this list is a rundown of the most overpowered weapons that I have seen in games that I have played.

10 – Farts – Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

Starting off this list is a eclectic choice to say the least. Abe’s Exoddus is one of my favourite puzzle games, and one of the many ways that you can interact with other characters is to let off gas. Later on in the game you get the opportunity to drink Soulstorm Brew (with its secret ingredients which I will not spoil), which increases the potency of the farts to deadly proportions. To put it simply, they explode after ten seconds. However, through the power of troll physics Abe can then meditate and take control of the gaseous vapour, and then move it to an enemy undetected and explode it. And this alone quite simply demonstrates why Oddworld Inhabitants need to make more games.

9 – The P90 – Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

With Modern Warfare, new weaponry was introduced to the Call Of Duty franchise, and chief amongst them was the P90. A gun with great stopping power from long or close range, a rapid fire rate and a massive clip, this quickly became the go to gun for multiplayer purposes. In the new iterations of COD the P90 is no longer anyway near as useful, but those who still play COD4 will have fond memories of kills with this…and of being killed with it as well no doubt.

8 – The Blue Shell – Mario Kart Wii

Choosing one representative from the kart racing genre for this list was tough, but then I remembered this little bastard. Shells are an integral part of Mario Kart, with green shells firing either forwards or backwards in a straight line, and red shells homing in on the next player. The ability of the blue shell on the other hand, is to cause the leader to rage. Hard. Anyone from 9th to 12th can receive this item and use it straight away. It basically homes in on whoever is first, and hits with perfect accuracy causing a large explosion therefore halting their progress. Thing is, anyone who is close behind can also get caught in the radius. I have seen fully grown adults completely lose it when a Blue Shell hits them just before the line causing them to lose the race. Hilarious for observers, a pain in the arse for the affected.

The source of all game rage...

7 – The Experimental MIRV – Fallout 3

Nukes are pretty damn powerful, everyone is agreed on that. Imagine having the ability to fire mini-nukes from a gun. Now, imagine being able to aim that gun with pinpoint accuracy at people’s body parts. What you have as the result is the Fatman, with the VATS targeting system. Now imagine that same gun being able to fire EIGHT mini-nukes at once. What you have is the Experimental MIRV. Fallout is full of crazy and inventive weaponry, but this takes the piss. You find it randomly in the Wasteland in the National Guard Depo, along with the ammo for it, and can then set out on a path of mass destruction. Even Deathclaws and Super Mutant Behemoths can’t do much against the might of eight nuclear warheads. Just be sure not to use it in close quarters combat, or you will find yourself without limbs from the blast. Or a body.

6 – The Shotgun – Gears Of War/Gears Of War 2

I do not play much Gears Of War online, and this is one of the main reasons for it: the Gnasher Shotgun is ridiculously overpowered. Games tend to become an affair of charge in with the Lancer to get hits from range, and then roll in and blast away with the Shotgun. I admit I am crap when it comes to doing this and that’s probably why I get so frustrated with it, but Epic missed a trick by not reducing its effectiveness. And unfortunately, the trend continued in the second instalment – I hope the recent beta for Gears 3 prevents it occurring a third time.

5 – The Rocket Launcher – Halo 3

Law Number One Of Halo 3: Thou will go straight for the power weapons on a map from the start of a game. Its sad, but in the majority of cases its true. And of course, at the top of the power weapons is the Rocket Launcher. Feared by all, it allows four rockets (two per clip) to be fired with a good range and a big blast radius that results in an instant kill. It became such a popular tactic that one day Bungie decided to make Rocketfight, a playlist where everyone has unlimited rockets to run wild with. Its still pretty powerful in Halo Reach, but this was were its impact was felt the most.

"Do you like Elton John? BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ROCKET MAN!!!"

4 – The M4 – Grand Theft Auto: San Andres

Among all of the ridiculous weapons you can use in the GTA franchise, in my mind the M4 from San Andreas is by far the strongest. The better of the two Assault rifles in the game, it has great range, good stopping power and a larger clip than most other guns. When you level up your skill with it, then range and power increases to levels that the game simply can’t deal with. The perfect gun to do gang takeovers with, and an all round fearsome ally to have.

3 – Mewtwo – Pokemon Red & Blue

Not strictly a weapon in the traditional sense, Mewtwo nevertheless deserves a mention here. After you conquer the Elite Four and become the Champion, you can access the Cerulean Cave. At the heart of this cave (which is filled with very strong Pokemon anyway) lies this bad mother – Mewtwo has by far the strongest stats in the game (with a base stat total of 590), and is a Psychic type which is damn near unbeatable in the first game. Most people tend to save their Master Ball and use it on Mewtwo for an instant capture, but those who have attempted to battle and catch it with other balls know just how much of a bastard this guy is to get on your side. When you do however, nothing in the game will touch you and in link battles only another Mewtwo will be able to resist fully– the fact that Mewtwo is still one of the strongest legendaries in the franchise is a testament to its overpowered nature.

2 – Armageddon – Worms: Armageddon

I absolutely love the concept of Worms; tactical warfare with invertebrates has never been so much fun. And at the heart of it all is the mighty Armageddon, which unlocks after 10 rounds. Seen as a last ditch move, Armageddon summons a storm of meteors to completely obliterate the map and anything in its way. Its unblockable, and a anything near a direct hit means instant death for your worm warriors. The only downside is that it can only be used on outside maps, but when you can launch one of them it’s a very satisfying experience – surviving it even more so.

1 – RYNO2 – Ratchet And Clank 2

And so here we have it: by far the most overpowered weapon I have ever witnessed in gaming. Ratchet And Clank is a series known for its fire power, and this is the ultimate example of it. The RYNO 2 has 100 rounds, an automatic lock-on system that can hit eight enemies at once, will kill normal enemies in one hit (it can destroy the final boss in less than 50 shots – literally in five seconds you can beat it), and has abundant ammunition from crates that lie around. Simply put, get this gun and nothing will ever touch you again. It’s a pricey weapon at 1,000,000 bolts, but its more than worth the price. To be honest, the RYNOCIRATOR from Ratchet And Clank 3 would have taken first place due to its ability to incinerate everything on screen, but the lack of ammunition for it means that the RYNO 2 takes the prize.

All those know it packs a punch

So there you have it, thats my take on the issue. Obviously, gamers all have diffrerent experiences with weapons, and there are many more that I could have included in this list: what would you have put down? Share your views in the comments, and I’ll be back with another Top 10 list soon.

6 thoughts on “Top Ten…Most Overpowered Weapons In Gaming”

  1. The Monkey Gun from Timesplitters: Future Perfect is also one worth looking at. With one pull of the trigger you can unleash a clip of 128 bullets in one second. The gun carries 6 clips of this, and it’s capable of taking out multiple enemies if they’re unlucky enough to be standing mext to each other.

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