Time Flies When You Archive…

Hey everyone, I’ve just got round to archiving all my old reviews from Gamepad Magazine, so anything else that gets posted on here will be 100% fresh and new. In the time since I last posted, there have been a few developments in my gaming world. Most significantly for me, I was very kindly voted in as Vice President of the Gaming Society at Lincoln University, so maybe some of my future material will involve background research involving the society.

I have also purchased a couple of new games, and said goodbye to some old friends. Quite simply, there were some PS1 titles (like the original Gran Turismo and Rayman) that I was never going to play again, so I traded them in to a great little retro shop here in Lincoln. The next day, I went back and found that the copy of Sheep Dog And Wolf that I traded for a pound is being sold at £14.


But anyway, to cover the absence of the old games I will never play, I managed to finally get my hands on two games I have wanted for over a decade now: Metal Gear Solid, and Crash Team Racing. Needless to say I have not been dissapointed by either title, and you should expect reviews of both of them in the near future.

Also, some stuff has passed in the industry that I will briefly comment on. It saddens me that Activision have scrapped Bizarre Creations and cancelled the ‘Hero’ series of games to focus on new projects (cough cough Call Of Duty 43), I loved PGR3 and there was something promising in the DJ Hero franchise in my opinion. On the flipside, I am in good spirits due to the recent announcement that Resident Evil 4 is coming to Xbox Live Arcade; I never played it first time through and I am interested to see if it deserves the acclaim it has recieved over the years.

And as for Duke Nukem Forever being pushed back a month or two; its been in development hell for 15 years. I would rather have it so that Gearbox iron out any last faults before its release, and then it will truly be time to ‘Hail To The King’.

To finish off, I have a list of games that I would like to review in the near future once my university work is all done and dusted. At the moment, it comprises the following

Metal Gear Solid, Crash Team Racing, Halo Reach, RDR Undead Nightmare, Mother 3, GTA San Andreas, Pokemon Gold/Silver and finally Sheep Dog N Wolf (to try and work out why its worth £14 lol).

And I believe that is everything. It is just left to me to wish everyone a very happy Easter 🙂


One thought on “Time Flies When You Archive…

  1. Metal Gear Solid and Crash Team Racing are both great. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I played through MGS back in the day.. 😀 Good pickups!

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